Konftel C50800 Video Conferencing Solutions for better conversations!
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  • Room type: Small to Large

  • OmniSound®

  • Exceptional image quality

  • Daisy-chain connection

  • Multi-connectivity

Konftel C50800 Hybrid is a premium video collaboration solution for small to large meeting rooms. With optional audio expansion it can even go into extra large scenarios. Delivering outstanding image and audio quality, the package combines the Konftel Cam50 PTZ conference camera and the Konftel 800 conference phone with the Konftel OCC Hub for One Cable Connection. A single USB cable connects to your computer. Hybrid conferencing allows you to easily combine meeting apps and regular phone calls. So you can sit back with confidence and focus on the meeting.

Impressive optics

The Konftel Cam50 brings exceptional image quality to your video conferences at a fraction of the cost of other comparable conference cameras with PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom). It is based around premium class optics and outstanding precision – all the way from the lenses to the image sensor and the technology used to optimize the quality of the video. Even in low light, the image is crisp and clear.

A sense of presence

Medium and large meeting rooms are the PTZ camera’s natural habitat. A 72.5° field of view creates a sense of presence right from the start and it’s easy to zoom in to a suitable level. You can test the Konftel Cam50’s performance by taking the 12x optical zoom all the way. Show notes on a whiteboard or details of a product sample with impressive clarity.


  • Room type: Small to Large

  • USB

  • SIP

  • HDMI

  • Bluetooth with HD

  • NFC for easy pairing

  • Audio expansion ports

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)

  • Exceptional image quality

  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom

  • OmniSound® with HD audio

  • Daisy-chain for maximum coverage

  • USB for PC-based collaboration

  • Easy to use touch interface

  • Built-in bridge for 5-way calls

  • Remote control

  • Two-year warranty

  • HD 1080p 60fps

  • 12x optical zoom

  • Supports Konftel Smart Microphones

  • One Cable Connection Hub

  • Hybrid: combine meeting app and phone calls

  • Effortless phone and meeting management via Konftel Unite

  • Easy installation

  • Free software updates

  • Climate Neutral Certified


When you choose Konftel

Konftel is a pioneer in conference calls. We've been helping companies and organizations around the world to meet at a distance since our launch in 1988. Our conferencing solutions deliver superb audio and video quality for effective and eco-friendly collaboration. We are Climate Neutral Certified.

Would you like help finding the right products for your company? We're here to guide you towards the perfect solution. Simply contact Konftel sales. And have you tried our useful product selector?

Two-year warranty

All Konftel's products come with a two-year warranty. This provides peace of mind for customers and shows that our commitment doesn't end with the purchase. We also offer servicing beyond the warranty period. Find out more under Support.


Try before you buy

Companies can try a product before making their final decision. This demo option is available in most  markets with Konftel distribution. Leave your contact details and a sales representative will be in touch.

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