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Referral Program

Purple Wave -Non Employee Referral Program

Welcome to our Global Non-Employee Referral Award Program! Please read on to learn how you may be eligible to receive a bonus of up to Rs 100000 (or $ equivalent outside of India) for referring qualified candidates to our Purple wave open positions!

Program Summary

This program has been designed to support and encourage referrals by individuals not currently employed by Purple wave so that we can cast the widest net to find nice, smart people who can get things done! The referral must be qualified and submitted in accordance with these guidelines, and the hired referred candidate must be employed by purple wave continuously for at least 90 days.

Participant Eligibility

Non-employees may refer candidates (but not themselves).

Recruiters can refer candidates as long as it is understood that the payment for said referral, if hired, is upto 100000/- . Duration of the program is currently ongoing but may be terminated at anytime by company. In the case of multiple referrals of the same person, the earliest referral will be accepted.

Candidate Eligibility

Candidates must interview for and accept an offer of full-time regular employment. These positions do not include summer hires, internships, part-time or employment of temporary duration. Candidates must not currently be employed, or previously employed within the past six months by Purple wave , or be working in a temporary capacity or as an on-site subcontract employee of purple wave . Candidates who have previously applied are not eligible for referral payments. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age.

A qualified referral is constituted as a resume of a candidate whom you know, directly or indirectly, attached to an email from you which includes the following information:

  • Your name, email and phone contact information
  • How you know the candidate
  • Position Title
  • Why you think this candidate would be a good fit for the available position

Referrals which are hyper links to LinkedIn profiles (or equivalent) are not considered to be qualified referrals. Portfolios without resumes are not considered to be qualified referrals. Names of individuals with email or phone numbers, without resumes, are not considered to be qualified referrals.

The referrals should be submitted to Resumes should be attached to your email as a WORD or PDF document. Our team will check our database to let you know if your candidate meets the eligibility guidelines. If you have presented an eligible candidate you may be asked to submit additional personal information which will be saved for future contact if needed. You must obtain consent from the referred individual prior to submitting the resume and you may be asked to show proof of consent. All personal information submitted in connection with the Purple wave Global Non-Employee Referral Award Program shall be handled in accordance with our privacy policy. And your participation in this program constitutes acceptance of this policy. Once your submittal is approved your candidate will receive an email to continue the process with details on the next steps. This email will note your name as the referring friend.

All referral payments will be reported for tax purposes in accordance with each country´s requirements and each individual must complete applicable tax form(s) prior to payment. The Referral Bonus will be paid out in approximately 90 days after the person begins employment with Purple wave . The referred individual must be an employee in good standing of the company at the time of payment.

Thank you for your valuable referrals and helping to grow our great company! Please submit any questions to

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