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Focus on Your Message, Not the Tech

Simplifying AV Since 2007

Purple Wave InfoCom Pvt Ltd. provides advanced sound system design, audio/video presentation system design, acoustical design services, and end-to-end comprehensive AV solutions throughout India from our branch offices across India. We are focused on designing the most effective technical solution for the users' needs and then successfully integrating those solutions into the architectural environment.

Your AV system is a tool to help you communicate with ease. And like any other tool, its suitability should be judged by how well it meets your needs, not by how large or complicated it is.

Our goal is to maximize your productivity and place you ‘in the meeting’ as opposed to ‘on the system’.

Your Needs Come First!

Purple Wave has no agendas or loyalties to anyone other than you, our client. You will not be consigned to a preconceived category or have some prepackaged design foisted on you. We treat you and your requirements as unique and create a system tailored to the way you work.

To do that, Purple Wave considers all aspects of the equation—humans, equipment, and infrastructure—while designing your facility or system. If you represent a Corporation, Educational Institution, or Government Agency in need of visual design services, Purple Wave will be delighted to welcome you as a client.

Our Mission

At Purple Wave InfoCom Pvt Ltd., we simplify and redefine audiovisual solutions and enhance human connection through technology. Since 2007, we have been ensuring our clients freely focus on their message, not the complexities of the tech.

By prioritizing your needs and delivering tailored solutions, we aim to empower you with intuitive AV systems that elevate your everyday communication experiences. We bring simplicity and efficacy to the forefront of AV technology, enabling seamless and impactful collaboration and connections for all.