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Solution Design

Working with you, our team establishes the fundamental concepts and components of the overall design. We discuss these criteria with your Architect, and/or any other professional agencies you retain, to coordinate the physical requirements of the design. At this stage, the physical spaces required to implement the design are defined and any special structural,functional, or construction requirements considered. In addition, aesthetic concerns, lighting schemes and acoustical considerations are addressed. At the completion of this stage, any preliminary sketches, capabilities lists, and budget requirements are formulated for submission.


  • Preliminary Programming Statement, and/or an Executive Summary.
  • Preliminary implementation budgets for each system.
  • Revised Budget for Remaining Consulting & Design (if required).
  • Acoustic recommendations.
  • Lighting criteria and control recommendations.


The purpose of this meeting is to make sure everyone is on the same track. All parties review the documents generated during the preliminary design stage and identify any desired revisions or areas of special concern. Any concerns that arise are addressed, and suggested changes evaluated. Adjustments deemed desirable are incorporated during the next stage.


Essentially, this stage is a refining of the preliminary design. It incorporates the information gleaned from the initial design review, and any subsequent modifications necessary to accommodate new architectural constraints, or changes you request. This process may take several iterations. The goal is to achieve an integrated, coherent design that meets all of your expectations, and provides an effective and friendly environment for your conferences and presentations.


  • Final Programming Statement, or updated Executive Summary
  • Final implementation budget estimates for each system


At this meeting, all previous revisions are discussed and any applicable options adopted or deleted. Upon acceptance of the final design proposal, the construction phase may begin.

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