Business Projectors Vs. Home Theater Projectors: How are they different?

There are many types of projectors in the market, but the two main application categories are home theater projectors and business projectors. Even though all projectors are used to project images and video onto a screen or other surface, understanding the difference between business and home projectors can help you make a better investment decision.

A business projector is better equipped and more suited for a variety of media options such as presentations, word documents, etc., whereas home projectors are designed primarily for immersive entertainment purposes. Read on to know more!

Business Projectors Vs. Home Theater Projectors

What sets these two projector types apart is the image quality and their usage/application. While business projectors are more responsive and easy to set up and carry around, they lack the sharp colour projection delivered by home projectors. Both projectors have their share of pros and cons. Have a look at a more detailed difference breakdown between the two:

Business Projectors Home Theater Projectors
These are usually smaller, lighter, and more portable Best for mounting in a permanent place
Designed for larger rooms and audiences Higher contrast ratios to deliver impeccable sharp colours
Larger Throw Ratio Smaller Throw Ratio
Support multiple input connections such as USB, HDMI, DVI, VGI, etc. Better optimized for visual media input
Optimized for computer-based projections High-definition native resolution and aspect ratio

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