How Display Panels Can Transform Your Business?

A professional display panel is a piece of equipment that is used to display or present information in an immersive way. Display panels can be used for different types of businesses, from retail stores to corporates, from educational institutes to health care facilities—the possibilities are endless! This is why display panels have become an integral and inevitable part of AV setups.

They allow you to expand your customer base by enhancing your brand image. With a display panel, you can display all of your products in a single location and present them in a way that is both- informative and exciting.

The most common categories of display panels are:

  • Video Wall
  • PDPs
  • Interactive
  • LEDs
  • LCDs
  • General Display
  • Outdoor Display.

Professional Display Panels are usually used for advertising purposes or for displaying messages in public places.

A few uses of professional display panels:

  • Corporate communications applications
  • Digital signage– digital kiosks and digital podiums
  • Video wall
  • Interactive Display.

Purple Wave is a leading manufacturer of LED display panels in Delhi/NCR, with a range of models to suit every need. We are also premium distributors of Samsung, LG, BenQ, Panasonic, and Delta display panels in India.

Our display panels come in a variety of sizes, perfect for a range of rooms or display spaces, such as huddle rooms, corporate lobbies, cafeterias, hospital receptions, auditoriums, etc.

How your Business can grow with our display Panels?

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Increased Real-time Engagement Opportunities
  • Ease-of-use
  • Time and Cost-efficient
  • Enables Multitasking
  • Better Brand Visibility

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