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Board room solutions are a key component of a company's success. An effective board room presentation is no longer just a good idea, it's a necessity. You'll be able to get the right people on your side with our proven solutions that simply work.

We provide the industry's most advanced board room AV solutions in Dwarka, India; designed for both in-house and business-to-business use. We offer a wide array of Audio-visual solutions from simple one-screen displays to complex video walls, smart AV control panels, and more. Our AV products are: simple, easy to use and offer HD video and crystal clear audio/sound ensuring seamless business communication.

Time saved is time gained

Reducing your workload and increasing your efficiency with Purple Wave's solutions is the difference between winning and losing. We provide a competitive edge for your business so you can keep ahead of the competition.

Innovative designs

Our board room AV solutions are sleek, modern, and provide seamless integration with your existing system or other AV systems. Our designs are top of the line and made to modernize your office board room with premium aesthetics while providing the best in technology.


In addition to our wide range of standard boardroom AV solutions, we also manufacture custom-built solutions.

Meet the needs of your corporate board room and make create more successful experiences. Get in touch with us!

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