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Airport AV Solutions for the best flying experiences!

The aviation industry is a prime example of how businesses are embracing the opportunities that AV solutions provide.

AV solutions help airports to make their infrastructure more efficient and reliable by providing:

  • easy access to information
  • improving passenger experience
  • increasing airport revenue
  • better customer service
  • more advertising opportunities
  • enhanced customer communication via entertainment
  • better safety and security
  • productive management

Purple Wave brings you the best in airport AV solutions including contactless payment, ticket scanning, virtual reality,contact-less self-check-in, maintaining flight schedules, sharing flight information, airport lounge AV, baggage handling, air traffic control, and- much more!

Our industry-trained technicians have years of experience in providing the best airport AV solutions in Delhi, India. Our team has expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining airport AV equipment for both public and private airports.

Types of AV Solutions we provide for Airports:

Purple Wave’s Airport AV solutions can be categorized into three types: audio-visual systems, signage systems, and information kiosks.

  • Digital Signage
  • Video Wall
  • E-gate
  • Sound Systems
  • Interactive Digital Kiosks
  • Large Venue display screens.

We not only offer the customer service you need- but also the one you deserve!

At Purple Wave, our customer care team is available 24/7 to help make your experience the best possible. We take customer service seriously and will only provide you with reliable and quick-resolution services.

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