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Lamp Replacement

The digital surge and advancement in technology have increased dependence on Audio-Visual technology for our day-to-day functions. From classrooms to auditoriums, from corporate lobbies to hospital receptions, and from retail stores to restaurants, the need and demand for AV solutions have spiked. That’s why it is imperative to take preventive measures to maintain, repair and look after your AV equipment. The longevity of your equipment directly affects its performance.

A few preventive measures to get the most out of a projector’s lamp life are-

  • providing ample cool-down periods after every use,
  • cleaning vents, exhausts and air filters periodically,
  • maintaining a good airflow,
  • handling lamps cautiously to prevent any tears.

Replacing your AV lamp is a hassle - but not with Purple Wave! Our team of AV professionals provide easy and most affordable AV lamp replacement services in Delhi/NCR.

Why you should not ignore your projector’s Lamp replacement warning?

Projector Lamps need to be replaced every 3000-5000 hours, whereas Laser projector lamps tend to last up to 2-3 years without any replacement. To check your projector’s lamp life, go to menu->information.

  • Faded brightness and image quality- If you ignore the warning and do not replace your lamp, your projector will go from projecting dull and dim to no image at all.
  • Colour loss and poor image projection with distorted pixels
  • Pathetic viewing experience
  • In some cases, dead projector lamps explode resulting in damaging the projector. The cost of replacing a projector is much higher than lamp replacement costs.

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