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From AV equipment to AV Design services, we handle everything!

As an experienced Audio-Video design company, we specialize in crafting aesthetically pleasing multimedia content for a wide range of applications across sectors. Purple Wave offers integrated 3D Audio-Visual Design services that leverage our passion for technology and creativity. Our services include 3D sound design, 3D audio-video design, 3D AV support, 3D visualization, and even 3D product designs for your brand.

Purple Wave's 3D Audio-Video Design Services help you create dynamic and immersive experiences with the most popular AV technologies, including VR, AR and MR.

Partner with us to- Stand out!

We offer the most innovative yet simple 3D audio-video design services in the Indian industry today. Our expert staff can help you create something unique that stands out from the rest by incorporating textured effects and realistic lighting schemes while also providing fully customizable options. Our 3D Audio-Video Designs are both visually stunning and technically innovative making us one of the leading 3D AV Design Solutions Companies in Dwarka, India.

From the initial brainstorming to the final execution/installation stage, our team of designers and technicians will help you in offering immersive experiences to your audience/clients/customers. We have over 12 years of experience and work with clients across industries- education, retail/showroom, health care, hospitality, aviation, corporate, bank, etc.

Extraordinary designs that speak for themselves

Let us be your voice. Let us be your eyes. Let us be your storytellers. Design something unique with the help of our expert team of 3D designers.

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