3 Reasons Why Konftel Conferencing Products Are An Amazing Investment?

Konftel is the world’s leading supplier of audio-video products, with a portfolio of over 30 years of experience. The company has been supplying the professional market for decades but has expanded its product portfolio to include consumer products too.

Konftel products are so popular because they combine high-quality video and sound with a design that is as modern as it is timeless, and (to top it off!) impressive customer service; Konftel goes above and beyond what other brands offer.

Why Konftel?

1) Audio-Video Conferencing Solutions for every budget, space, and need

Konftel is one of the few global companies that offer a complete range of audio-video conferencing solutions for every meeting room, boardroom, hospital, or classroom. Their products are designed with an emphasis on innovation, simplicity, sleek designs, and ease of use.

Their latest range of in-room PC-based conferencing kits is a ground-breaking solution for the growing hybrid workspace.

2) Konftel’s Innovative technology is led by sustainability!

Konftel leaders’ commitment to protecting nature is commendable. It is the first AV Company to offer carbon-neutral AV Conferencing Products; it is done by using renewable energy or investing in carbon offsets. It means you are not adding any additional greenhouse gases to the atmosphere while purchasing a Konftel Product.

3) Guaranteed Warranty

Konftel offers a 2-year warranty on all their products. If anything happens to your Konftel product, you can get it replaced or repaired for free!

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