4 Tips to Choose the Right Conference Speaker Phone

The best conference speaker phones provide crystal-clear audio and remove background noises during online meetings. Laptops and phones can be used for small team conferences or individual one-on-one meets. But if you want to offer an inclusive and productive experience to big team sizes, adding conference speakerphones is the way to go.

Benefits of Conference Speaker Phones:

  • Cost-effective
  • Premium sound quality
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • Smooth multi-person conversations.

1) Consider the size of your meeting space

Larger meeting rooms require speakerphones with an extensive and long range. For example, Konftel 300IP comes with expansion microphones, making it the best conference speakerphone for large meeting rooms.

2) Connection Type

It depends on your technical infrastructure. For example, if you mainly use web-conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams, a USB connection is optimal for you. Nowadays, it is possible to find conference phones that support various connection types: DECT, wireless, Mobile phones, and USB. For example, Konftel 300WX is an excellent choice for conducting wireless conference meetings.

3) Portability

Do you have a designated meeting or huddle room? If not, then portability should be your priority. Pick a conference phone that is fully battery operated, supports USB connection for PCs, wireless, and easily connects to mobile networks.

Konftel Ego is the best conference phone for mobile or remote workers.

4) Do you want to record your meetings?

If you want recording features and have easy access to them; opt for speakerphones that allow recording on a memory card. Do check out Konftel55 if you want recorded sessions.

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