Premium AV Control And Switching Solutions In Delhi, India

Control Your Experiences!

Purple Wave is the leading AV control and switching solutions provider in India, from Creston Solutions to Lightware AV switching equipment. Our expertise in this field is unmatched to help you seamlessly integrate your AV equipment with your conference rooms, meeting spaces, huddle rooms, cafeteria, or smart home without compromising quality, performance, or service.

Our team of experienced professionals can design a show-stopping AV experience that will woo your guests/audience/customers. We will take care of all your AV needs; so you can focus on the big picture!

Why are our Creston and Lightware AV switching and control solutions the best?

  • Switching solutions designed keeping ease of use in mind
  • Integrated control solutions for audio, video, lighting control, and other AV systems in your space
  • Purple Wave Creston offers an intuitive touch panel for smart audio-visual control
  • Our robust Creston AV control solutions help bring your remote teams closer with in-built teleconferencing collaboration tools
  • Our solutions let you control the temperature of your room with just a click
  • Easily manage a room, floor, or entire building with advanced Creston AV control and switching touch panels
  • Purple Wave Lightware control solutions securely control, manage, monitor, and distribute AV signals between different sources and multiple users
  • Get zero latency and smooth performance with Lightware’s affordable and reliable control solutions.

No matter, what your needs or requirements are- from simple to advanced, we have all the solutions you need. We have a range of affordable and quality products to suit any budget. Get in touch to know more!

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