BenQ Projectors: High-Quality and Affordable.


BenQ projectors are best known for producing vivid images or pictures that too at very competitive prices. If you are looking for a gaming first projector, BenQ can be a promising choice. Amongst the Japanese and US dominant projector world, this Taiwanese MNC has made a remarkable space for itself.

BenQ projectors use a 6-segment colour wheel. The colours are- Green, Yellow, White, Blue, cyan, and red. These projectors also make it very handy to adjust the image height as well as position on the screen. BenQ projectors generally revolve around four modes, namely gaming, standard, cinema, and living room. They support HDR as well as HLG. A few latest models also have integrated android television for a wholesome home cinema experience.

BenQ Projector Highlights:

  • Bright, lustrous and impressive images
  • Solid performers
  • Produce high-end images
  • Low input lag
  • Friendly user interface
  • Excellent performer
  • Colour accuracy
  • Compact designs
  • Detail-oriented
  • Dedicated HDMI slot
  • Satisfactory lamp life
  • Handy keystone controls
  • Backlit remote for convenience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Good connectivity
  • Big on spectrum
  • Easily downconvert the produced images
  • DLP technology and 1080p (or 4K) resolution
  • Supreme Gaming projector due to low input lag. Projectors also have further categorised dedicated sports modes
  • Best 3D projectors at affordable prices.

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