Epson Projectors For Home and Office.


Epson has all types of projectors. They can be seen in classrooms, more sophisticated business board-rooms to home cinema markets. Epson Home cinema projectors range from beamers (1080p) to premium versions- 4K and HDR enabled.

Epson projectors are full of features, affordable and excellent value for money. Epson’s home-cinema projectors have been dominating the market by delivering outstanding performance. These projectors offer amazing detailing and image quality. It is widely also known as the best LCD Projector Brand.

Since, Epson uses three different LCD panels for the RGB- primary colours, eliminates the need for a colour wheel. This prevents Epson projectors from the dreaded rainbow effect. If you are looking for a full-fledged home cinema experience, close your eyes and trust Epson on all fronts (budget, quality, variety, and range of products/features). The memory features are quite interesting and user-friendly.

The body built of this brand’s projectors is firm and sturdy. While expensive ones feature:

  • Motorised lens
  • Back-lit remote control system
  • Wireless options to get rid of HDMI cables.

Projectors for different applications

  • Projectors for Home
    • Innovative technology
    • Fewer maintenance costs
    • Easy to adjust screen sizes
    • Pull-down or portable screens.
  • Projectors for Work
    • Education Solutions
    • Conference Room Projectors
    • Business Solutions.
    • Digital Signage.

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