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Sony projectors offer a good placement facility with a nice zoom. These projectors have unmatched optical quality (high-end images and good contrast) and are among the most trusted projector companies worldwide. You might not have heard of Sony as a projector manufacturer, but the cinema screens have!

Sony projectors feature several in-built technologies to enhance picture quality. For example, Reality Creation, Motionflow, TRILUMINOS etc. All these projectors ( short-throw, full HD, commercial theatre, 4K) use Sony SXRD technology. SXRD is short for Silicon X-tal Reflective Display. This is Sony’s formula of liquid crystal on Silicon.

Another interesting fact about Sony Projectors is that they use a separate LCOS chip for each colour in RGB. This helps in maintaining high contrast and the rainbow effect in comparison with DLP projectors, which in turn use a single chip. This brand is super loved amongst cinema lovers because of the larger than life presentation, brilliant hues, clarity, and high contrast.

A hit in the gaming world! Sony’s Gaming Projectors (PS5) have been specifically designed and made around games, and sports. Perfect colour-depth and high contrast make these gaming projectors unbeatable. Even in low-lit games, your visibility will be clean and clear.

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  • Home Cinema Projectors
  • Projectors for Education
  • 4K simulation Projectors
  • Portable Projectors.

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